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Vi er lige landet og dagen i dag står på julemarked på Skansen. Jeg har læst at det skulle være en kominaltion af julemarked, restaurant og Zoo. 

I Stockholm går de all in på julen, og er bl.a en af de byer i verden med flest julelys/lyskæder hængende i gaderne. 

I’ll keep you posted 😉

// Josephine 

In English:

Last weekend I was supposed to go to Berlin for Christmas shopping whit my mom, but my mom got sick and the trip was canceled. To bad! Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait that long before the next trip abroad.. This weekend I’ll be spending in Stockholm. Today I think we will go see a Christmas market at a place called “Skansen.” It should be a combination of a Christmas market, a restaurant and a zoo. Exciting.. Stockholm is really beautiful at Christmas and I have read that this city is one of the cities in the world with most Christmas lights out on the streets. Nice!

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