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Today I‚Äôm ready with the second episode of my new vlog-series. The videos are in Danish, but for every video there will be a blog post, so all my international followers we be able to follow along ūüôā In this video I tell you all about how we came up with the idea of starting a blogger network in Asia.

When we first arrived in Vietnam, the plan was to get a job as a waiter in a restaurant or maybe as a bartender in a bar. Unfortunately we discovered that the salary and the amount of hours we had to work six days a week didn’t worked for us. Instead we decided to try to come up with an idea for a business we could build while living in Asia. Doing the first couple of weeks we where doing brainstorms and mind maps, in order to come up with a brilliant idea. We also visited a lot of exhibitions, in search for inspiration and maybe a product that we could sell in Scandinavia.

After a few weeks we were down to two main ideas. The first one was to create a lingerie/bikini brand, and the second one was to find beautiful Asian furniture‚Äôs and sell them in Scandinavia. But then Andreas, who is an engineer and have a lot of experience in logistic, named some of the challenges we could face by import products. We would face a huge expense in shipping and we would also need a warehouse in Denmark ‚Äď and that can we quite expensive too.

Instead Andreas reminded me about an idea I got back home in Denmark. I was wondering if there where any blogger networks in Asia ‚Äď and mainly Vietnam, and after some research we found out, that there wasn‚Äôt. The few Vietnamese bloggers use a Facebook page or their own website for their blog. And from there we just got more and more exited about this idea. We started to look up the amount of Internet users in Vietnam, how much time they spend online and so on. From all this information that we gather, we found out that this was the business that we would try to build. A blogger network in Southeast Asia.

Dansk: I dag er jeg klar med andet afsnit af min nye vlog-serie, hvor I har mulighed for at f√łlge mit nye forretningseventyr i Asien. Der er rigtig mange, som dr√łmmer om at starte deres egen virksomhed, men som har sv√¶rt ved at finde p√• den ide, der skal g√łre iv√¶rks√¶tter-dr√łmmen til virkelighed. I dag fort√¶ller jeg om, hvordan vi fik ideen til vores nye projekt og samtidig f√•r I en rundvisning i verdens sk√łnneste lille hotel-villa!

Andreas f√łrste reaktion, da han s√• dagens afsnit var ‚Äúdet er godt nok meget √¶rligt var‚ÄĚ ‚Äď og det er lige pr√¶cis meningen. Her er der ingen hemmeligheder, tv√¶rt i mod f√•r I lov til at f√łlge med i alle mine tanker omkring projektet. B√•de op- og nedture.

Fik du ikke set f√łrste af afsnit af min nye serie, s√• finder du det lige her. Jeg vil blive sindssygt glad, hvis I vil subscribe til min Youtube kanal. Det er et nyt medie for mig, og for at f√• adgang til nogle specielle features, skal jeg have lidt flere f√łlgere. ūüôā

// Josephine

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