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Hi guys! Today is a big day for me, as I’m going to reveal my new start-up project. For the next couple of month I will be sharing videos (only in Danish, I’m sorry) and blog post about my new project, and you will get to go behind the scene, and experience how it is to start up a new company in Asia. You also get to follow along as we take the hard decisions, experience the highs and the lows and see where it all ends.

Together with Andreas I have decided to open a blogger platform in Asia. After living half a year in Vietnam, we see that the culture and the potential is defiantly here, and at the moment there are no blogger platforms in Vietnam. The few Vietnamese bloggers only have a Facebook page where they share their contents. We wish to provide Vietnam and the rest for Southeast Asia with a professional, easy to use platform for blogging. Exciting huh?

Normally I like to get the company up and running, and have the success before telling anyone about my project. But lately i have found out that this is stupid, so this time you get to follow along from the very beginning, and no matter if it is going to be a success or not I hope that both you and me will learn something from the process anyway. So jump on board, and let’s go for a new business adventure!

Dansk: I dag er en stor dag! Jeg har nemlig besluttet at afsløre, hvad det er for et stort projekt som jeg har arbejdet på i mange måneder nu, mens vi har boet i Asien. Over de næste par måneder, kan I løbende følge med i vores projekt – i får lov til at komme med ind bag facaden, når vi træffer de store beslutninger, oplever højdepunkterne og nedturerne.

Videoerne bliver umiddelbare, naturlige og ærlige. Hvad projektet går ud på – og hvorfor jeg vælger at afsløre det lige netop nu, kan du se i min video her:

// Josephine

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